EF Cengkareng & Puri to Puncak

EF Cengkareng

In June I went to Puncak on an outward bound trip with all the team from both EF Cengkareng and Puri. The purpose was to spend the weekend as a group and relax and have fun socially with everyone that I work with. The 2 schools went together as they are pretty close to each other, it was new and had been open for a few months and many teachers and staff had come from EF Cengkareng to work there.

We set off on the bus after school and the trip was ok as Bogor/Puncak is only 2 hours away depending on traffic which in Jakarta is always bad. The place we were staying was high in the hills and far from any noise or roads and so it could have been better. All in All there were about 50 people.

On arrival we went to our dormitory and sorted out our things and then chatted and looked around the place. There place we were staying consisted of dormitories, food hall and a big open area with basketball court and childrens play area. As it was getting dark we did not see what else was there.


Dinner was welcomed by all and we tucked into a good meal of chicken rice and vegetables and then we went back to the open area for lots of fun games and activities which were well organised and great milf porn fun. With some many people it must have been hard to organise these but Morag, who organised them did very well and we were kept busy for a good few hours. As it got late we moved into a big hall and the fun continued. Lots of limbo dancing and crazy things which everyone enjoyed.

As it got late everyone started to go to drift off to the dormitories to sleep leaving just a few of us sitting lesbian porn around chatting and talking about life and things until the early morning. It was a good chance to make new friends and chill out.

7am Aaaaggghhhh!!!! On a Sunday, something not many teachers experience but we were kind of awake and after a good breakfast were ready for the days events which still were a mystery. Again we were put into teams and we had to complete around 10 challenges around the centre including flying foxes, trust falls, getting very muddy and searching for fish!!!

The gay videos activities were great fun, the first one was having to find fish in a pond so our group jumped and splashed around and found no fish but got very wet. Apparently there were 2 fish but I never found them. The next event was to walk through a long tunnel, something I did not like the idea of as I am terrified of spiders and having already seen some very big ones and some huge beetles found it daunting. But I went in with the team, did not look and came out the other side. We were supposed to have done something in there but we never so 2 of the team went back in and did it, I still don’t know what that was lol!!

Then we had to walk along a long bamboo pole over water passing each other that milf videos was easy as we had ropes to hand onto and once you found your balance no problem. After that we had to crawl under rope through mud and water which was really great as finally we all got covered in mud and all looked the same, dirty and muddy.

The trust falls involved the group catching each other in a big pool off water and having faith that no one would drop you. It was interesting and we managed to make sure everyone was caught. During the day we were given a very knotted piece of cord and a salt block which we had to undo and carve into a shape so if we were not getting wet or shouting encouragement we were sorting those things out. The activities we completed were great fun and leading 6 blindfolded team members up a slope and to a rope bridge was good. In fact all the activities we took part in were great fun and everyone enjoyed them.

Once we had showered and changed it was time for lunch, again there was lots gay porn of food and then we had a few hours to kill so we sat about chatting and laughing and taking photos before the bus arrived and it was time to go home. I think most people slept on the way back tired but happy as they had a really good time.